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Aerial Filming & Photography in Pendle

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2023 creative showreel

As highly respected brands trust our team of certified drone pilots and aerial photographers, we deliver professional and complete promotional content. Our unique and comprehensive solutions capture your projects and company seamlessly, whether viewed from the air or ground. This ensures unparalleled visual storytelling, setting us apart in the realm of Aerial Filming & Photography in Pendle.

Aerial Filming & Photography tailored to your needs

We offer a customized approach to each photography and videography project. Here’s how our process works:

  1. Initial Consultation: In our first meeting, we define the message and key aspects you want to convey in the captured imagery and footage.
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology: Deploying the latest in drone technology and stabilized ground camera systems ensures capturing every detail in ultra-high resolution.
  3. Creative Editing Process: Our team edits your promotional pieces in-house, incorporating your company branding, resulting in crisp and aesthetically complete footage that makes your brand stand out.

Film grade quality at an affordable price

Traditionally, the film and television industry heavily depended on expensive helicopters for aerial footage, adding substantial costs. However, with significant advancements in drone technology, capturing breathtaking aerial photographs and footage has become remarkably more accessible and cost-effective.

Ultra-High Resolution Filming & Photography

Our Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are equipped with cutting-edge sensors, capable of filming in resolutions up to 6K. Although most devices can’t currently display this high resolution, it provides maximum data for post-production editing, allowing us to achieve the precise feel and look our clients desire. Once limited to the television and film industry, the level of clarity and perspective our drones offer is now accessible to all businesses, capturing crucial shots at a modest and accessible price.

Stabilised Ground-Level Footage Seamlessly Edited With An Aerial Perspective

Our customers often demand not only aerial videography but also ground-level filming. We provide this through our gimbal-stabilized Sony A7 IV camera systems and Ronin gimbal. Ensuring that all captured footage is smooth and seamlessly flows together in the final edit. Covering all your content creation needs. We also offer consultation services on optimizing the use of the content. We produce to effectively reach your target demographics.

Adding A Modern And Cinematic Twist To Your Marketing Campaigns

The availability of this incredible technology, coupled with qualified pilots and camera payload operators. Now opens doors for various industries to embrace this unique cinematic perspective.

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) enables businesses. Both large and small to elevate their marketing efforts and captivate the attention of their target demographic.

Adaptable And Flexible Approach

Every film, photography, and marketing campaign is unique. Consequently, we maintain flexibility. Ensuring that all our work is meticulously planned, and coordinated. Executed to achieve our client’s objectives.

This adaptable approach extends into the editing phase of projects. All editing is conducted in-house in our editing suite. This allows our footage and stills to be adjusted according to our client’s needs upon request.